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This is based on our advanced revenue sharing script, XSharePro, which enabled admins to make money with their own "recycle" advertising platform and increase their ROI.

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'XSharePro2' – Check The Benefits You Get!
Admin Area Features
  • Membership Fees For Members With Different Time Spans And Commissions Upto 5 Referral Levels
  • Three Different Types Of Plans - Daily Earning, Cycler Line And Combo Of These Two
  • Create and Manage Plans With Advanced Options like Daily Earning, Recompound Ratio, Ads Credits, ROI Days, etc.
  • Huge Variations With Options Like Earning Type, Earning Interval, Earning Credit Strategy And Membership Fees Requirement
  • Watch Your Earnings Grow With Exclusive Cycler Line By Settings Like Cycle Out, Admin Profit Margin,etc.
  • Let Your Members Re-Invest Automatically In Next Line From Their Earnings When They Cycle Out
  • Matching Bonus For Upto 5 Linear Sponsors At The Time Of Cycle Out
  • Create and Manage Exciting Jackpots for Members
  • Comprehensive Overview Page Showing Graphical Representation Of All Major Statistics and Admin Notes
  • Decide Referral Commission Levels Which Can Be Up to 5 Levels
  • Option To Send Mails Through SMTP Server
  • Option To Use SSL On Your Website For Enhanced Security
  • Undecodable Admin Password Using Hashing
  • Change The Path/Directory Of Your Admin Panel For More Security
  • Advanced Password Policy for Members' Secure Data
  • Limit The Advertisements Display Number on the Front Side And Member Side
  • Option to Set Your Affiliate Id in Powered By Notice So That You Get Commission For Each Sale Generated From Your Site
  • Specify The Minimum Sum Of Withdrawal, Maximum Sum Of Withdrawal, Withdrawal Days and Fees For The Same
  • Option To Maintain Different Balances For Each Payment Processor In Members' Accounts
  • Limit The Processor Wise Withdraw Request Amount And An Option To Prevent Exchangers Too
  • Search The Records Using Different Parameters
  • Notification Of New Updates After Previous Login
  • Manage The Email Templates of All Outgoing Mails
  • Notification By Email for Every Major Activity And Update
  • Exclusive Tooltips For All Important Options
  • Simplest Navigation Under Various Headings
  • Single Click Backup, Automatic Backup, Restore And Repair Database Under Website Maintenance Option
  • Easily Activate, Edit or Delete A Member
  • Mail To All Or Selected Members By A Single Go
  • Cronjob Logs Page To View The Cronjob Run History
  • Member Login History Using Member Log Option
  • Block Any User Or IP Address From Logging In
  • Block Any IP Address, Email or Domain From Signing Up
  • Manage Registration/Sign Up Form With Custom Fields
  • Welcome New Members With Free Ad Credits And Cash/Rep. Balance Using Signup Bonus Feature
  • Enable/Disable Option For Each And Every Major Features Of The Website
  • Complete History Of Fund Payments, Commission, Withdrawal, etc. With An Option To Download as CSV
  • Let Members Withdraw Easily : Traditional Masspay Option as Well as Automated Masspay Option Using APIs
  • Integration With Major Payment Gateways Like Payza, SolidTrustPay, EGO-Pay, Perfect Money, Pexpay, Okpay, Payeer, Bitcoin(Blockchain)
  • Cutting-edge Encryption Of Your Confidential Processor Data And Passwords
  • Attractive Pre-loaded Themes With Just-Click-and-Change Option
  • Manage All The Member And Public Tickets Under Easy Layout
  • Sort The Records By Columns In Any Table
  • Switch/Sort The Navigation Menu That Appears On The Member Side
  • Add/Edit Your Message On Any Page Of Your Website
  • Add New FAQ Categories and Distribute FAQs Under Those Categories
  • Activate, Edit, and Delete Option For Member Testimonials
  • Create and Manage Virtual Pages For Member Side as well as Front Side
  • Add or Edit Different Advertisements Like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Solo Ads, etc.
  • Easily Create and Manage Promotional Tools like Splash Pages, Landing Pages, Banners, Text Ads Among Others
  • Statistics Of The Advertisements And Member Credits
Member Area Features
  • Stay Relaxed - Members' Data Is Completely Safe With Our Complex Encryption And Secure Pages
  • Purchase Positions in Various Plan Offers and Earn daily on those Investments
  • Overview Page Showing All Important Statistics Of The Member
  • Earn Easily With The Attractive JACKPOTs offered Frequently
  • Sign in/Sign up With Your Google or Facebbok Account
  • Email Notification For Every Major Activity And Update
  • Individual News Page Stating Latest News About The Site
  • Complete F.A.Q. Page Answering All The Common Questions
  • Easy Support System For Members As Well As Public For Any Queries
  • Stats Like Online Members, Guests, Recent Signups, Top earners, etc.
  • Easy Updating Of Personal Details In Profile Page
  • Disable Solo Ads Option to Stop Receiving Solo Ad Emails
  • Simple Withdrawal System
  • Pre-Loaded Email Templates For Tell-A-Friend Page Of The Site
  • Promotional Tools Like Email ads, Text Ads, Banners, Splash Pages and Landing Pages
  • Advertising Option Containing Banner Ads, Text Ads and Solo Ads
  • Complete Credit Based System For Advertising
  • Earn Credits By Just Viewing The Advertising Banners Of Other Members
  • Statistics Like Number Of Clicks, Clicking Ratio Of All Your Ads
  • Saved Solo Ads Option To Save Solo Ads For Future Use
  • Add Testimonials Simply to Express Your Views
  • Easy Links To Know Your Referrals Upto Any Level, Credits, Transactions History, etc.
As An Extra Bonus, You're Also Going To Receive…
  • 365 days FREE SUPPORT from our skilled team via email; if you encounter any problems or challenges, let us know, and we'll quick fix the issue for you, as fast as humanly possible.
  • Script is for a single domain License ONLY. If you need extra licenses for your other sites, then you can order additional scripts and multiply your revenue by 3x..5x… and even 7x times…
Snatch XSharePro2 For A One-Time Measly
$247(instead of $347) Today!
And don't forget to hear what some of our thrilled customers have to say about our products and support
I am so happy that i used the script from xSharePro. I had a problem with my admin panel details. I could not logged in due to an issue with the password. They came to my aid on time. I love the way they works. No matter the problem you are having, they are there for you. Most of all, they are improving their script security every time. I am so happy with the version 2.1, it features a lot of securities. If you really need a good script for your business, check xSharePro. I am so happy with their service and i want to say here, thank you very much xSharePro. I love you, loves the way you handle business and will always love you all. Thanks very much.


I can't say enough about the support they have given me. When it was time for the upgrade they completed that in a timely fashion. The support staff is very talented and knowledgeable. Thank You again for the support help.

Rob S